24 Hour Home Care For Disabled and Dependent Adult Children


At A Hand to Hold Care, we understand the steep challenges that are faced by the parents or guardians of dependent and disabled children. We know that it becomes increasingly difficult for parents to take care of their mentally, physically, or developmentally disabled child as the child grows older into adulthood. While the child becomes an adult, the parents themselves grow older and age with each passing day. As the years add on to their age, the elderly parents become less adept at providing direct care for their children. Why Aging Parents Need 24 Hour Home Care

Young adults who are mentally, physically and developmentally challenged find it nearly impossible to live a life on their own after having been looked after and taken care of by their loving, affectionate and responsible parents or guardians for their entire lives. Therefore, when these parents age and enter their post retirement life, it is not a feasible option for them to allow their adult disabled children to start living an independent life on their own terms. The parents, as well as their handicapped children, are well aware of their need for 24 hour home care.

How We Can Help

This is where A Hand to Hold can make a positive impact in the lives of both the parents and their disabled adult child. We believe that we have the ultimate solution to the persisting problems faced by parents and the adult children in the form of our disability care program. Our home care is based on the philosophy that a pair of helping hands can help a family regain stability in life. This is exactly what we are trying to achieve by offering families comprising aging parents and disabled adult children with our 24 hour home care services.

Function of Our Care Mangers

Our Certified Care Managers will be appointed to offer their professional care services to a household where aging parents are struggling to take care of their disabled and adult child. If you sign up for our services, you will no longer have to divide your time as an aging parent between taking care of your own health and taking care of your adult child who is in need of assistance. Our well trained, educated and experienced Certified Care Managers will make sure that you and your child can live in your homes at ease for 24 hours a day.

We aim to provide a little bit more than just professional help. Our ultimate goal is to let our Care Manager become a member of your family who will be responsible for your wellbeing and that of your disabled adult child. Besides providing assistance in bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, meal preparation, etc., our Care Managers will dedicate their days at your home to being the best companion that you and your adult child could ask for.

You Are Not Alone

Our Care Managers will also assist you with devising the perfect plan that will specifically address the special circumstances that you are in as an aging parent taking care of a dependent adult child. With A Hand to Hold helping them in complex and difficult situations like these, families can be assured that they are not alone in their struggles.