3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Care Provider for Your Loved One


It’s never an easy task selecting someone to care for those that you hold dearest, especially when you are entrusting this person with the care of one of your elderly parents or relatives. This task can be made even harder if we are faced with a long distance care situation that is out of our hands. When choosing a care provider, there are a few essential boxes that need to be ticked, and all reputable organizations will have no issues covering these basics for your peace of mind. Before you select a care provider, be sure that these areas have all been addressed.

Are They Reputable?

This one goes without saying, but it is essential that the care provider you choose has a good and long standing reputation within the community. A quick search online will provide you with a wealth of reviews and information about any organization, and some companies will even give access to client testimonials on their website. A geriatric care provider that offers a wide range of mental health, nursing, and social work services from the one organization would be a great place to start when exploring possible care options for your loved ones. This way, if their needs ever change, there will be no cause to move them to a new provider and build the relationship from scratch.

As always, though, be cautious of reviews that aren’t backed up or credible. It is commonplace these days, especially on the internet, for competitors to post negative reviews of other companies simply to bolster their own reputation. The same goes for fake positive reviews that can be easily invented by someone within the company. Be sure that any word of mouth you receive comes from a real and objective source. The best place to start is with the family members of elders who are already receiving care from an organization.

1. How Safe Is the Staff?

A care organization is only as good as the staff they hire, so they need to be sure they are employing the best carers in the field. Most companies will proudly display the various checks and security requirements needed by their employees so you can be sure of what you’re getting.

All reputable carers will be required to pass random drug tests, and will often be accompanied by a manager on in-home visits. A good organization should have a readily available list of all of their carers, inclusive of a full biography and any relevant experience. Knowing all that you can about the staff who will become like a second family to your loved one is essential in creating long-term trust.

Often there is no better judgement than our own. It’s important to trust your gut instinct in situations, especially one as important as a care provider for your loved ones. It’s important not to be fooled by a flashy website or fancy office space, but to get a feeling for the carers themselves and how they interact with the elderly

If you’re planning on moving your loved one to an aged care facility, don’t be afraid to ask questions of the staff or other family members that might be there visiting loved ones. Keep an eye out for how the elderly are treated, the overall cleanliness of the facility, and how the staff interact with each other and the clients. If you are speaking with a carer who provides in-home visits, be mindful of their attitude and the feeling that you get from them. You will know instantly if you have a good feeling about the organization or not.

Once you’ve chosen a care provider for your loved one that makes you feel safe, secure, and generally happy with your decision, then it will make the caregiving journey that much easier. With some simple research into an organization and the carers employed by them, you will get a clear understanding of their reputation within the elder care domain.

We all want the very best for our loved ones, and want to reciprocate the many years of loving care they gave us when we were younger. By selecting a carer or organization that is trustworthy and which cares about the high quality of staff they provide, you will be left feeling confident that they can do the best possible job of caring for your loved one..