Easy Weight Loss Tips for Seniors

The human body goes through important modifications as we age, and even maintaining the same weight when we are in our 50s, or 60s, or 70s, may not be enough to be as healthy as in our younger years. Our bodies start losing muscles and accumulate more fat as we age so for the same weight, you can have much more fat than muscles. As studies show, the percentage of muscles in the body decreases gradually from 45% of total weight when we are young to only 27% when we are in our 70s. Weight loss plans for seniors must be monitored by a physician, as you cannot have drastic changes in the way you eat without impacting your overall weight. It is best to talk to your doctor about the best ways to lose weight, while getting healthier. Also, the following weight loss tips for seniors can help you a great deal.

  1. Do not eliminate your favorite foods

Too many seniors make the mistake of believing they have to give up entirely on the foods they like, but this is not the case. You only need to become more moderate in consuming foods that can increase body fat. Enjoying a treat every once in a while is recommended.

  1. Teach your body when to eat

The number one reason for cravings that lead to unpleasant accumulations of fat is the body cannot tell real hunger from a craving. What you need to do to combat unhealthy habits, such as snacking on high calorie foods, is to set the same hours every day for each meal. This way, your body will learn to eat only at those hours, and you will feel hungry at the correct times and you will feel less tempted to give in to cravings.

  1. Good nutrition is more important than counting calories

In your senior years, having good health is more important than counting each and every calorie. Ask your doctor for a good nutrition plan and you will discover that there are plenty of tasty foods included there. As long as your body is supplied with the vitamins and minerals it needs, you will be healthier. You will also feel more energetic, which will allow you to do physical activities, well known to play an important role in weight loss.

  1. The weight scale is not the most accurate measurement tool

You may think that the numbers on the scale are saying everything about your weight. But the truth is that it is more important to feel healthy, energetic and have your clothes fit you better. If you manage to replace some of the fat in your body with muscles, it does not matter that it looks like you haven’t lost that much weight. Those muscles are making you fitter and healthier.

  1. Swimming is a recommended activity for seniors

One of the reasons why seniors cannot do a lot of physical exercise is because their joints can become very painful, due to the exertion. To minimize the impact of exercising on your joints, especially if you suffer from arthritis, try swimming. This is a very enjoyable activity and it can help you lose weight without putting pressure on your joints.

  1. Walking is the best physical activity

Try walking more briskly and you will burn more calories when you walk. Increase the rhythm and the duration gradually, but avoid excesses. Half an hour of energetic walking, three times a week, is enough to keep you in great shape..