Elderly In Home Care to Overcome Post Hospitalization Challenges


Visits to the hospital become a part of the regular routine in the life of a person as they grow older. When people age, they become more prone to old age health complications. Often seniors become overwhelmed with a vast array of diseases and illnesses that seem to provide no respite to the weakening body of the senior citizen. This leads to the frequent hospitalization of seniors. As problematic as life in the hospital may be, the real struggle begins when the elderly person is discharged from the hospital. Lack of Medical Attention Outside Hospital

Once an elderly person is cleared to leave the hospital and return home, he or she is faced with a colossal transition that can turn out to be a little too overbearing. In the hospital, the elderly people are usually well taken care of and are surrounded with medical professionals who are trained to ensure that all their medical needs are met. Once outside the hospitals, those professionals are not available to keep the health condition of the elderly people in check.

Lack of Companionship Outside Hospital

Sometimes, elderly people develop a good relationship with the medical care professionals in the hospital, which makes it easier for them to feel that there are people who are willing to stand by them during their times of need. This is often not the case when they return home following their discharge from the hospital. In this period of transition, elderly people are likely to slip into a state of isolation and helplessness due to the absence of medical care professionals. Their bruised psyches, combined with their weakened health (surgical operations in hospitals can cause elderly people to lose their strength and mobility for a considerable period of time), make it extremely difficult for them to embrace life outside the hospital.

Elderly In Home Care Can Make a Difference

This is where an elderly in home care service such as the one we provide at A Hand to Hold can make a massive difference in the life of a senior person. We understand how critical the post hospitalization transition is and what exactly needs to be done to provide a sense of reassurance and calm in the mind of the troubled elderly person. A great deal of attention needs to be paid to a number of different tasks—that, too, in a short period of time.

How Can We Help?

If you sign up for the elderly in home care services of A Hand to Hold, then we will appoint a Certified Care Manager to partner up with the elderly family member at home to help them overcome the challenges of post discharge transition. Each and every single detail of their post hospitalization life will be taken care of professionally by our Certified Care Managers, who will not disappoint with their care giving.

Whether it is covering the basics of senior home care, helping out with medical equipment and supplies, keeping track of medical appointments, or simply ensuring medication compliance, our dedicated and trustworthy Certified Care Managers are there to ensure that the post hospitalization transition goes as smoothly as possible for your beloved senior family member. .