Great Health Tracking Apps for Your Senior


Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone. With applications being developed in the thousands per day, it’s hard to get a handle on today’s popular apps. These apps run in different categories from finance management to movie-themed games. It’s a lot to take in, but what if you use apps that you need? There are apps for so many daily encounters, like checking bank accounts and even tracking your health. Health is an essential part of living, but if you’re not critically unhealthy, how you will help prevent yourself from reaching that state? In today’s technologically advanced world, apps are a great way to stay up-to-date on your health.

An application by Jawbone, called UP, tracks your health analytics by a wristband that records your movements and sleep. It also allows the user to enter their meals and moods, tracking their health behaviors and returning data that is useful for your health.

Lift is an app that could be a favorite. You put in your goals and fitness ambitions, and Lift reminds you to pursue those goals. It also keeps track and returns a personalized report so that you can check your progress.

If you’re managing your weight, there’s an app for that. There’s Lost It!, an app that syncs to any fitness tracking device on the market. It allows it’s downloaders to organize a custom weight loss plan that can track your meals and activity levels.

Wellness FX is a platform for developing and maintaining personal health goals. The doctor’s office and vitamin shop seem to combine into one app that allows you to research different vitamins and supplements, tracks sleep, and physical activity levels.

Meditation helps with brain function, as well as reduces stress. Calm is an app that offers a seven-step program set up to give you what you need to succeed in calming and reducing stress levels. You can set the length of your relaxation exercises to fit it in your busy schedule. There’s no excuse for not having a little “you” time.

There are thousands of applications in this category that you can use to manage your health. Weight, stress, memory loss, fitness, and well-being can all be supported with an app on your smartphone. In today’s world, you can track your health on-the-go, wherever and whenever..