Home Care Assistance to Resolve Family Feuds


Peace, tranquillity and calmness: these are the three things that should define the post retirement life of a senior citizen. After having worked for a living, day and night, for years on end, the least an elderly person deserves is living a life of solace that is free from the hassles and nuisances of social complexities. Unfortunately, this is not the case with most senior citizens. Often senior citizens find themselves at the center of a boiling family feud which ruins the peace in the life of the elderly person. Family Disputes Compromise Senior’s Health

Family disagreements, debates and disputes are never conducive for allowing an elderly person to live their life on their own terms. More often than not, elderly folks are the ones who are most affected by the trials and tribulations of disagreements and unrest within the family. Not only do they feel the moral obligation to be the one to resolve the feud, but they also find it extremely difficult to handle and manage the stress of being involved in chaotic situations.

Under such distressful circumstances, it is quite common for seniors to harbor bitter emotions in the form of rage, regret and vengeance, too, perhaps. None of these emotions are good news for the physical or mental wellbeing of the disgruntled or unhappy senior member of the family. Being under such immense stress can also increase the risk of incurring heart disease, which can eventually lead to a fatal cardiac arrest for the senior.

Home Care Assistance to Bridge Family Differences

The further a senior person is kept away from the hustle and bustle of family problems, the easier it will be for them to live a happy and peaceful life. However, it is sometimes nearly impossible to separate elderly people from such family feuds. As a result, outside intervention becomes a necessity.

One of the biggest misconceptions about home care assistance services is that they are only there to provide basic medical help and companionship for the elderly. At A Hand to Hold, we believe that home care assistance provided by our Certified Care Managers can have much greater and more diverse use than that. As a matter of fact, our Certified Care Managers can play an instrumental role in helping families bridge their differences and resolve family disputes that compromise the health and the wellbeing of the seniors in the home.

Resolution Plan

Family members with strong and opposing views can benefit from the professional objectivity derived from engaging an experienced professional. Our Certified Care Managers will assist families to come up with a plan to put an end to lingering family disputes, debates, and disagreements, for the sake of restoring peace in the house and in the life of the elderly family member. We assure you that our Certified Care Managers will work to their full potential to help you reach a consensus to move forward with intentions that best serve the senior’s needs. .