Introducing Sadie

We would like to introduce you to our newest employee, Sadie, a certified therapy dog. Sadie comes to us after being thoroughly trained and licensed to help A Hand To Hold continues to provide the absolute best in home health care. As Georgia's premier in-home personal care company, we are excited to also be the first one to provide Animal Assisted Therapy with the addition of Sadie. sadie

Animal Assisted Therapy, also referred to as pet therapy, uses trained animals to interact with seniors in order to help improve their quality of life. Studies show that animals are good companions for the elderly and help promote hormonal changes within the brain, dropping stress levels and thus providing many health benefits for the client.

Sadie provides a new level of care to our already extensive menu of services that take a holistic approach to first understand your senior and their story. Whether a hand or a paw, sometimes you just need to know someone is there.