How to Make Everyday Life for a Senior Easier

For many, the Golden Years are a time to enjoy leisurely pursuits, visit interesting places around the world, and spend more time with family and friends. These years are the reward for decades spent working in the professional world and, in many cases, raising a family. While there are many ways to take it easy during this phase of life, it helps to know a few things that will make taking it easy—well … easier—and A Hand to Hold has the services and dependability you expect to make any senior’s later years as wonderful as possible.


Security is a concern at any time in life, but especially for those in their twilight years. The longer we live, the less our bodies can handle physically. It happens to us all. Regardless, personal safety should not be a worry in anyone’s life. A home security system aids in giving peace of mind to us all, especially to the more vulnerable in our society. Alarms come in a wide range of features and prices, so be sure to research which package will suit your needs, keeping in mind that the recipient may need visual and/or auditory assistance. You should also consider ease of use for those of us who aren’t as technically proficient as some!

As we age, our eyesight tends to weaken. What we once easily saw with our naked eyes now may require corrective lenses to enlarge the object. It may be advantageous to purchase items such as books and remotes with larger fonts or buttons for easier use. Phones now are available with enlarged buttons for easier use by people with eyesight impairment.


As mentioned before, our bodies naturally weaken as we age. Things such as showering, getting into a car, or walking down a sidewalk may take more effort than they did in our earlier years. Thankfully, technology has afforded us ways to help us continue to engage in these activities. Bathrooms can now be equipped with grab bars to make entering and exiting a bath or shower easier. Equipment can be modified to make use simpler. Special shoes or orthotics can be purchased to give comfort so that leisure activities are easier to perform.

Home services are also an option. Caregivers can be hired for everything from helping fold laundry to assisting with everyday activities. Many caregivers are hired simply to provide a social interaction, which benefits both the senior and the senior’s family, knowing that someone who cares will visit with their loved one. In addition, caregivers can be hired for brief visits or around-the-clock care, taking care of tasks such as preparing nutritious meals, ensuring the senior meets hygiene requirements, and housecleaning. A Hand to Hold has a caregiving program that will fit any senior’s needs.


But perhaps the most important way to make life easier for seniors is to stay active. Frequent activity, whether it is mental or physical, or a combination of both, helps keeps mind, body, and spirit functioning in a productive manner. Activity helps our bodies get stronger and stay stronger. Many groups exist specifically for seniors, with activities ranging from checkers, to golf, to vacations. If you are interested in activity “x,” chances are there is a group near you that pursues it. Staying active also keeps our social lives busy, as we meet new people and make new friends. And, with the internet just a computer away, it’s easier than ever to find a social activity that will meet your needs and interests.

Our twilight years are a special time in our lives. It allows us to take life at our speed, to stay as active as we want, or to relax a little. These carefree days should be just that; days free of worry that the little things will be taken care of. With a few additions to a senior’s life, this time can truly be golden.