The right places to jog and some good tips of jogging for your senior


For senior adults, being proactive can increase health, reduce stress, and create happiness. In aging, maintaining a regular exercise schedule is good for your body, but are you jogging in the right places? Sure, being active increases anyone’s health, but many forget exercising one of the key elements that factor into overall well-being: the brain.

Memory is important to health in seniors, or for anyone. It is a core muscle that is affected by age, and training that muscle is a great way to stay healthy. You may not realize that you exercise your brain everyday. Whether it’s laughing, getting some fresh air, or eating a regulated nutritious diet, you’re working that muscle.

Laughing is a great instrument when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. When you laugh, you increase brain function, and engage multiple frequencies across the brain. Hearing music or making jokes activates regions of the brain that are essential to learning and creativity. They are also activated by a lightened mood, surrounding yourself with a positive group of people, and having fun.

Fresh air is the second best medicine for a great memory. Have you ever been upset, walked outside to cool down, and suddenly feel better? That’s the fresh air working it’s magic. Oxygen to the brain is essential for living in general, and it is an ingredient in boosting brain activity.

A diet is a great way to get the right nutrients to the brain. Omega-3, which is found in walnuts, spinach, broccoli, and fish, works in the brain to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other mental dysfunctions. Boosting brainpower, this fatty acid is a step in the right direction in maintaining mental stability. Also, eating more fruits and vegetables, and keeping a close eye on limiting saturated fats, can help your nutritious diet.

Other exercises involve more effort than those mentioned. You can write your fondest memories down. Reflect on your biggest life adventures. That helps brain flow.

You work out your brain on an everyday basis, without you even knowing. From laughing to getting some fresh air, exercise for the brain is easier than you think..