Safety Recommendations for Exercising for Seniors


Physical activity is very important for people of all ages, especially seniors, and can benefit from the benefits such as improved mental health and physical health. Even if they are in their 70s or even 80s, they can still start an exercising program as long as the program is fit for their age and they respect all the safety recommendations. Physicians recommend even their oldest patients to try exercising for a bit each day, for a healthy life. Taking things slowly

According to physicians and experts specialized in senior fitness routines, the rule of thumb is to take things slowly. For instance, a common recommendation is to walk at least 10,000 steps every day. Getting a cheap pedometer to keep track of the amount of walking done each day can help a lot but seniors should not see it as a motivation to try to beat their own records day after day in a short time. As long as you achieve the same goals and just a bit more, it is enough.

Switching from the elevator to the stairs

Climbing stairs is a very good exercise for seniors. While the same rule mentioned above applies, it does not hurt to start climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator. This will help seniors maintain a good exercising routine and starting small without exercising excessively.

A simple recommendation for those suffering from a bad leg is to lead with their good leg when they climb, and lead with the bad one when they are going down.

Exercising the abdomen safely

For seniors, doing exercises in the same manner as young people do can be very daunting and it is also not recommended because it can lead to injuries. A simple exercise that contributes to strengthening the muscles in the abdomen is, as follows: standing on a chair with the shoulders and the back straight, leaning towards the back slowly, helping the muscle in the abdomen exercise, but without putting any strain on the spinal area.

Combining strength, balance and cardio

For seniors, it is essential that the exercises they make successfully combine strength exercises, cardio training, and balance. In time, these exercises will burn calories, and seniors will lose weight and become healthier.

As physicians indicate, seniors especially benefit from balance exercises because this reduces the risk of falling often associated with aging.

Health benefits and well being

Any fitness routine for the elderly can be successfully complemented by mind and body exercises such as Tai Chi. Because of the low complexity of the exercises, this type of routine – that was first developed as a type of martial art – can be practiced by anybody with great ease.

Tai Chi is especially beneficial for seniors, because it has low impact on the joints, a major issue to keep in mind when creating a fitness routine for the elderly. One of the advantages of practicing Tai Chi is that it does not only promote health benefits, but also promotes well-being.

Aerobics and similar routines are also recommended for seniors, because they reduce stiffness and they contribute to better mobility. For seniors, going out to exercise with other people of the same age can also be a social experience, helping them against depression and other psychological conditions related to age.

Maintaining in good shape can be achieved at any age, even when you are in your 70s or 80s..