Senior Home Care for Those Stuck in “Lonely Islands”


With age, complications in daily life seem to increase exponentially. This is particularly true for those living the post retirement life. Problems at work, regardless of how stressful the working conditions may be, can never be as monumentally depressing as the problems faced by seniors who are confined within the four walls of their homes. It is after retirement that the pace of a person’s life changes completely, and, more often than not, it changes for the worse.

A Monotonous Post Retirement Life

The options to engage in meaningful social, recreational professional activities become more limited by the day when a person steps into the advanced stages of his or her life. Exuberance and excitement fades away from life, as the senior person struggles to find new things to look forward to. Daily life becomes monotonous and boring. Under these dire circumstances, sometimes the only respite that an elderly person can turn to is the companionship of others. Unfortunately, companionship becomes quite a rarity during post retirement life.

Loneliness and Depression

Senior citizens often find themselves locked inside their homes with very few people to talk to. Interaction with outsiders becomes minimal, following the retirement from their jobs. This can lead to isolation and loneliness. Such miserable emotions can be the trigger for depression to creep into the mind of a senior. When depression strikes, elderly people tend to be affected both psychologically and physically. Depression can have severe detrimental effects on the health of a senior person.

A Caring Companion

At A Hand to Hold Care, we understand the importance of companionship in the life of a senior person. Our senior home care services are catered for those seniors who require the company of someone who can truly understand their emotions, their needs and their mentality. Our Certified Care Managers are trained to acquire in-depth understanding and knowledge of the senior’s past and present life. This allows them to build a healthy relationship with the elderly person that they have been appointed to take care of. However, we believe that companionship from our Certified Care Manager alone is not enough to bring some legitimate vibrancy back in the social life of an isolated and lonely senior citizen.

The Importance of Socialization

Our research tells us that socialization is one of the most important aspects of senior home care. We also realize that this is one area which is commonly overlooked by most senior home care services. At A Hand to Hold, the Certified Care Managers will do everything necessary, and more, to ensure that your beloved senior person has retrieved the ability to become a lively and energetic social being once again. One of the most important parts of our home care service is the preparation of a socialization plan that is intended to truly enhance the senior’s quality of life.

Whether it is taking a trip to the favorite destination of the elderly person, arranging a lovely family reunion, or simply helping the senior to develop social contacts during the morning jog in the park, our Certified Care Managers have it all covered. .