How do I get started?

To learn more, or for a complimentary phone consultation, please contact us and one of our geriatric care experts will assist you.

What makes A Hand to Hold different from other at-home care companies?

With A Hand to Hold’s professionally led model, the senior and family have a Care Manager, a credentialed geriatric expert, on their side every step of the way. The Care Manager oversees the care, constantly communicating with the family, the Caregiver and, when necessary, medical and financial professionals.

What are your rates?

 A Hand to Hold rates and service hours vary by office. Please contact us for specific rate information.

Does Medicare or long-term care insurance pay for at-home care services?

Most long-term care insurance policies cover services such as A Hand to Hold’s. Medicare does not.

How are Caregivers selected?

A Hand to Hold has a very extensive hiring process and approximately only 1 out of every 24 caregivers who apply is hired by A Hand to Hold.

Can I always get the same Caregiver?

A: A Hand to Hold strives to offer the most continuity in the care it provides. We will make every effort to provide the same Caregiver as much of the time as possible.

 Who pays the Caregiver?

A: A Hand to Hold pays the Caregiver directly, and every Caregiver is fully insured and has workers’ compensation coverage.

 What if my mom/dad is resistant to the care being provided?

A Hand to Hold has the expertise to work with seniors and families to find the best options for all involved.